Wireless Internet for Military Installations

Our service offerings and FCC authorizations in Southern NM have allowed us to provide wireless Internet services for military sites such as McGregor Range. We meet and exceed requirements for security, reliability, and customer service/satisfaction for our troops located there.

Comcast Cable

Our sub-contract services for Comcast Cable have allowed us to contribute to their success in meeting and exceeding customer order installations and support timelines in Southern NM and the Albuquerque/Santa Fe areas for Comcast.

Las Cruces Federal Building

Chaparral Cable Co., Inc. was recently called in to “clean up” a service installation gone bad by a previously contracted vendor in Las Cruces’ newly constructed federal building for Category 6 and Coax cable. Our reputation for cabling expertise and quality service work was a driving factor for getting this engagement and call to action. We achieved the customer’s desired outcomes and saved the project.

Las Cruces City Hall Building

We were called into performing various cabling services for the new Las Cruces city hall building. Our main scope of work was to install CATV service and fiber as well as custom wiring that was not previously planned for and added at the last minute. This shows our company’s flexibility and ability to perform quick service jobs under tight schedules.


Our Chaparral companies often work and utilize the services and resources from each other to successfully meet each customer engagement so we intend to sub-contract internally within our own family of companies. We also utilize trusted and proven sub-contractors when necessary or when an area of expertise is required for a Submit Matter Expert (SME).

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